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Professional Leadership Development

We have designed our business around shaping  leaders so that they can thrive in the workplace. Whether you're just starting out in your career or have some experience, it doesn't matter.

We value your time and want you to be happier, productive and live the life you want.  Remember, you will get out of your career what you put into it so don't waste another moment to be the best version of YOU!



Leadership Virtual Training

We wanted to offer learning solutions that work for you so we have options for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for an instructor led session, virtual or leadership session we can help.

Any session you take part in you will have the opportunity to discuss and collaborate with others because we believe that the magic happens when we are able to discover and share!

If you change nothing,
nothing will change.


Foster Rhode Island Business Consultants

Our mission is to provide YOU with the leadership intelligence, creativity and essential skills needed to thrive as a leader in today's world.

Our vision is that anyone we work with  will strengthen their leadership skills making you an effective leader who is successful in their career.

Your success is our #1 priority!


Melissa McKenna

Dawn's DiSC training was one of the best training classes I have ever attended. As an instructor, she is knowledgeable and engaging which made it easy to understand the content and its practical applications. I gained valuable insights into my own work styles and habits and also learned ways to adjust my style, when needed, to be more effective and productive. It also had a great impact on my understanding of others behaviors and motivations which helped me improve my interactions with colleagues on varying levels.


The DiSc session with Essential Leadership Solution was fantastic! I learned so much about myself and how I fit in with the office dynamic. The insight I gained from DiSC has allowed me to recognize and understand behaviors of my colleagues and helped me strengthen relationships and effectively handle difficult situations. I am also so glad that I had the opportunity to take this session!

Anna Medeiros

The Performance Management workshop was also amazing! It challenged everything I thought I knew about managing people and changed the way I communicate with my team. I am now having the right conversations and the results were almost immediate. I would highly recommend this for any manager.

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