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Virtual Interactive Sessions


Any of sessions on our website can be virtually facilitated however listed below are the preferred virtual sessions that we recommend.

Please browse our Upcoming Sessions so that you can choose from our selection and join us.

*If you have an entire team that would like to join then please contact us so that we can schedule your own group session. 

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Customer Centric Series


Any of our Customer Centric sessions can be instructor led however because we know your time is valuable; we offer them virtually for your convenience.  Each session is interactive so we do ask for you participate and take advantage of the opportunity to learn from others.

The sessions to choose from are:

  • Branding

  • Empathy

  • Handling Difficult Customers

  • Communication Skills

Each session included in this series is 90 minutes ​long so set some time aside in your busy schedule so that you can continue to develop and sharpen your skills.

Customer Support Representative
People Skills


You can have all the knowledge in the world but if you don't have people skills, what good is it.

Think about the course of any given day you make a difference in someone's life so why not make it a good experience. How you empathize, encourage and understand others if key to your success.

This series of sessions consist of the following:

Workshop 1 - Why people skills matter

Workshop 2 - Self-awareness of your people skills 

Workshop 3 - Enhancing your communication skills

Workshop 4 - Being Empathetic & Next steps

Each session included in this series is 60 minutes long so waste no time in joining each workshop so that you can create better working relationships and be the best YOU possible.

Customer Service Rep


DiSC is our most popular session and after you attend a session you will see why. Although DiSC is usually an instructor led session due to the activities and collaboration amongst everyone; I have built a virtual session if you are unable to organize an in person session.

What can you expect…..

You can still expect a fun filled session that will provide you an increased self-awareness of yourself. You will have the opportunity to share and learn from others in this interactive session so you truly understand how you relate to others, and why you handle situations the way you do.

This virtual session is a 3 hour session and there is an assessment that you are required to take prior to the session.

Customer Service
DiSC - Conflict Resolution


In the DiSC workshop you learned about your behavior and the "why you do; what you do" and now it's time to leverage your knowledge of DiSC and understand how you and others react to conflict in stressful situations.

In this session we will discuss the methods of communication styles and the value of how you approach conflict in the workplace. You will learn how to adapt your style to ensure effective and successful communication with others.

This virtual session is a 2 hour session. Please bring your assessment from your previous DiSC session as we will be referring to it during the session.

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